Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Stylishly Spooky Autumnal Window Display

I love autumn- especially if it's sunny and bright like the past few precious days. The warm russet colours of the turning leaves seem to zing with energy against the cool, clear azure sky. The holly tree that overlooks my studio window is laden with scarlet fruit that attracts a noisy, boisterous chorus of hungry birds, determined to gobble up every single berry long before I can use them as Christmas decoration. It certainly is a time of "mellow fruitfulness". 
Beautiful barn owl.
I always like my gallery window to reflect the changes of season and to be topical- so this year I've gone for an owl theme, with a stylishly spooky mood. I've selected delectable silk scarves printed with "punk owls" by Age of Reason and juxtaposed these with an actual stuffed barn owl. (He's on loan from my taxidermist neighbour who is licensed to deal in protected species that have met an accidental and untimely end.)
Barn Owl with Age of Reason Long Grey Owl Scarf

I've added exquisite mouth-blown studio glass by local glassmaker, Jane Charles, in rich berry and heather hues. In the autumn light these pieces seem to glow with an intoxicating warmth. I've got new designs of prints, etchings and cards by printmaker extraordinaire Ali Read- including some delightful owlets. Plus I've extended my own range of ceramic hanging birds to include some cheeky little owls hung on ribbons printed with autumnal leaves. 
Glass by Jane Charles
Prints by Ali Read
My new ceramic hanging owls

And of course, I've included some pumpkins!

I think it all adds up to a mysterious brew of autumnal magic.... but  come and judge for yourself!!   

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