Thursday, 3 June 2010


It's June.... and at the moment it could be described  as "Blazing June"- the best antidote to the cooler weather we've been experiencing recently.   It's time for me to start looking for sites for seeing poppies. One of the ways I track down those elusive poppies is to take a double decker bus ride from Alnwick down to Newcastle via the coastal villages.  It's a slow lumbering route and certainly not the quickest journey from A to B, but it's well worth my time, because from the upper deck I can spot where the poppies happen to be flowering.  They can be invisible from the lower viewpoint of the car, especially as most of our fields still have thick hedgerows.  Later I can drive to the appropriate fields to sketch and take photos to paint from.  I love painting the scarlet delicacy of poppies- you just can't have too many of them!

Here are some of my most recent poppy paintings- from LAST year's crop.

"Poppy Cottage"

The Edge of the Poppy Field

Poppy Hillside

Bamburgh Castle with Poppies. 

Poppy Farmhouse
Below- Blazing June