Monday, 7 December 2009


My mum in law was alone at the rural bus stop near her house waiting for a bus into Rothbury this morning, when a big estate car pulled in alongside her. A man leaped out of the passenger side and proceeded to give her a big hug.  Standing back and looking down at her, he then asked if she was going to have a good Christmas. "Yes...” she replied.  He then dived back into the car for a box of chocolates, which he thrust into her hands saying "Well here's your first present!", before driving off.  She's in shock-it was Geordie legend Paul Gascoigne.

Just as well she recognised him- otherwise she might have lamped him- tiny as she is!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

My Latest Small Paintings

Here are some of my latest, ever popular, small 12cm X 12cm acrylic, paintings of Northumberland. I've got lots more in the Gallery.  They are £69.00 each mounted and framed in beautiful natural oak. Postage and packing is an additional £8 to mainland UK.  If you are sending it as a gift I'll even gift wrap it and include a card with your personal message. Email me at or phone 01669 622890 to make a purchase.  CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO SEE IT BIGGER

Cheviot from Outer Golden Pot

Bluebell Woods

Cheviot Wild Goats

Cheviot from Ros Castle

Coquet Snows on Simonside

Fog & Frost Coquetdale

Inquisitive Sheep

Poppy Fields

Snowdrop Woods

Snowy Birches

Snowy Woods

Snowy Woods

Bluebell Woods
An original painting by Lynda Taylor
12cm X 12cm painting mounted framed behing glass in a solid oak frame
Special introductory offer includes poatage & packing within the UK

Monday, 23 November 2009

Simonside Snow- Dog Walkers on the Riverside Walk

I love it when we have snow like this- fabulously decorative but not in danger of blocking the main roads!  So I'm hoping that we get a good covering during the Christmas period.   It's years since I made a snowman- and now that I have a baby granddaughter, I have the perfect excuse to get wrapped up, get outside and get building......   

Monday, 19 October 2009

"The (other, perfectly polite) C word" - Christmas

 I'm much better organised for Christmas in the gallery than usual this year.  Part of me doesn't even like to think about "the (other, perfectly polite) C word" until after Halloween and Bonfire Night... It just seems too much like wishing the year away, instead of savouring the slow glide from autumn into winter.

 But when you have to arrange to have stock from very small manufacturers, it pays to be well prepared .   And with the added risk of a postal strike too, I decided to stock up on "stocking thrillers" in October this year.  So here I am- with everything from "Coquet Characters" (hilarious, specially commissioned brooches shaped like local Coquetdale people) to knitted cakes(!) and anodised aluminium jewellery.  And what has happened??  I guess I should have expected it-  people are buying up all my new stock.  So it looks like I'll just have to order MORE.    It's a good problem to have.