Thursday, 23 February 2012

Made March Hares

As a landscape painter, I realise that I've become increasingly aware of changes in the seasons and weather, which affect what I see in the countryside around me. I'm getting better at anticipating when I'm likely to see a particular flower in bloom or trees losing or gaining their leaves. I know when I can expect to see new lambs- and to expect to have to drive more carefully to avoid their random dashes onto unfenced roads.
I also seem to have developed some Spring rituals of my own...  one of which is to go hare hunting.  Not with a gun of course, but with a patience, binoculars, camera, sketchpad and warm clothing to allow for sitting/standing perfectly still. I have some favourite places to go hare hunting- where I know that if I'm lucky I can get quite close to them without alarming them and causing them to run. I hope you'll excuse me if I don't share the exact whereabouts!
Designing my new series of "Paisley Hares"
In celebration of hares I've seen... and those I hope I'm going to see... my next exhibition is called "Made March Hares" and it features hare inspired jewellery, ceramics and prints, which have been created specially for the occasion. 
Ceramic wall hanging hares after being individually hand painted in underglaze colours- but prior to glaze firing.

Glazed hares.
Made March Hares opens on Tues 28th Feb and runs until Saturday 28th April

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  1. They are really cute, I take it these will be for sale? If so, we might have to take a trip Rothbury way sometime soon.