Sunday, 2 October 2011

Shy bairns get nowt!

Yesterday evening I set myself the task of re-painting the long "display wall" in the gallery to match the fabulous new wallpaper. So once the gallery was closed I moved furniture, covered prints, prepared the wall and lined in all the edges, before setting to with a paint roller. Down on my hands and knees, I suddenly became aware of a persistent knocking on the door. Looking up I saw a man with a slightly apologetic grin gesturing to me. It turned out he wanted to buy a brooch on display in the gallery window!!

Having served him, I felt honour bound to tell him that he'd perfectly demonstrated the local saying "shy bairns get nowt"! 

 Paintings of Bamburgh Castle and the Northumbrian Hills in Winter

 Family History / Mining History paintings

Paintings of The Harthope Valley, Farnham Moor, Rothbury's Simonside Hills and The Cheviot.
 Also showing a selection of my own limited edition prints and etchings by Ali Read and John Degnan, plus prints by Sarah Taylor.

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